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October/November news-laying the shed base

31 shed base (2)  31 shed base (1)  31 shed base (3)  31 shed base (4)  31 shed base (5)  31 shed base (6)

October ;

Six of us (Jonathan, Mike, Andrew, Dave, David, and Steve) arrived to spread out 20 tons of ‘Type 1′ over the base of the new shed.

Mike is getting up to speed with the use of a theodolite, under the instruction of Jonathan, as the rest of us spread out the stuff a wheelbarrow at a time.

A week later we are spreading out sand on the Type 1 ready to receive the first mix of concrete.

31 shed base (7) 31 shed base (8) 31 shed base (9) 31 shed base (10)

Then, Mike takes up the tale in November;

We then put the concrete into the troughs along with quite a bit of re-enforcement (and don’t worry, the frog was rescued!!!).
We then had a weekend where we explored the utilities trench and got a few yards dug out, along with the access hole and we also got some of the pipework installed. Unfortunately Steve found a cast iron pipe while digging, so that has put a little obstacle in front of us as we have no idea what may be in it (if anything at all!!!).
It has also now been possible to assemble one full arch which gives a very good idea of the size of the job in hand!
The most progress took place last weekend though…
Jonathan brought a compactor for the type 1, which then had sand spread over to give a soft surface. We then completed the shuttering and made sure it was level and square, then added the damp proof membrane and put the re-enforcement on top of that, being careful not to rip it Steve. The final job we did on Saturday was to create the tamper to use when the concrete is being spread.
The next load of concrete should be arriving this week, which means we can prepare for the next lot on Saturday, all being well.
I’m certainly looking forward to having the building complete before the end of the year!!!

And he took these pictures ;

31 (7) utilities-mike  31 (8) -mike  31 (9) -mike  31 (10) -mike  31 (11) -mike

And this last one from Graham….then more on November 12th when the second major slab went down.


32 concrete (1)_1  32 concrete (2)_1  32 concrete (3)_1  32 concrete (4)_1  32 concrete (5)_1  32 concrete (12)_1

32 concrete (6)_1  32 concrete (7)_1  32 concrete (8)_1  32 concrete (9)_1  32 concrete (10)_1  32 concrete (11)_1

And so the epic saga of the ‘fish supper wager’ continues ……….


The big move !

mike drives



Here is what must be my picture of the year so far……. Mike Lawtons’ non-stop grin while he was driving the Ruston !




On Friday 10th to Sunday 12th April a team of volunteers moved most of the Societies’ remaining rolling stock and workshop equipment from the Burton Road site to temporary storage at Peak Rails’ Rowsley station site.
Friday 10th April
Graham and Jonathan met at the Sheffield workshop to finalise the disposal of scrap, prepare rolling stock for loading, and welcome the HIAB lorry for loading.

z rust leaves   z rust leaving 2   z rust leaving   z ruston leaving The Ruston being loaded (pics by Graham).
Saturday 11th April
Andrew, David, Dave, and Graham remained at Rowsley throughout Saturday receiving van loads and then the HIAB lorry load of rolling stock and workshop equipment.

Rowsley April 2015 (10)  Rowsley April 2015 (18)  Rowsley April 2015 (26)  Rowsley April 2015 (31)  Rowsley April 2015 (33)  Rowsley April 2015 (36)
Jonathan, Richard,Steve and Mike met at Sheffield to help with the 2nd loads and thence onwards to Rowsley to continue unloading.

The day was rounded off in lovely spring sunshine and the moment we had all been working for, the first time that the ALRS had run a Society engine on track ! The highlight of the day must have been seeing the non-stop grin on our latest volunteer’s face as Mike drove the Ruston for the first time. Then everyone else took it in turns to be at the controls, and shunt various pieces of rolling stock around the Rowsley track.

Rowsley April 2015 (41)  Rowsley April 2015 (73)  Rowsley April 2015 (76)  Rowsley April 2015 (80)  Rowsley April 2015 (88)  Rowsley April 2015 (47)

Sunday 12th April
Graham, Jonathan, Andrew, Paul (with fork lift and motorized wheelbarrer, bless ‘im !) and Dave all met to square away all the previous deliveries.

Rowsley April 2015 (95)   Rowsley April 2015 (96)   Rowsley April 2015 (94)

Rowsley April 2015 (56)

And…….pretty much all future news updates will feature our efforts at Rowsley to establish a working heritage railway.






March Tote results

The quarterly tote results are as follows:-

1 C B of West Sussex £42

2 G L of Matlock £25.20

3 J W of New Zealand £16.80

If nothing else, this shows how widespread the supporters of the ALRS are. If you would like to join the tote and have a chance of winning quarterly, an application form can be found by following the membership link on the Home page.

We leave our mark…….

The much-loved Ashover Light Railway leaves its mark in all kinds of places. Here it pops up on a beer pump in the marvellous Old Poets Corner, where they brew a beer with (almost) our name on it, and the hand pump is adorned with an evocative depiction of a Baldwin.
This is also the venue for our quarterly committee meetings, and we thank them for their hospitality and support over the years.

19 Light Rale pump at Poets 2



February 2015…. The Cafe

17 cafe moved for transportation 2

Some of the café components ready for removal to the new storage area at Rowsley

February 2015 at Rowsley

16 feb 15 rowsley  16 feb 15 rowsley-2

Richard and Steve study the plans for the new roof which will cover and make waterproof the two containers, and provide a dry storage and working area between.

January 2015….homework

14 jan 15 painting at Wheatcroft (2)

Roofing panels to be used to cover the two containers at Rowsley, being painted at Grahams house ready for delivery to the site.

January 2015… painting the shed in the workshop

Ashover Light Railway Society  Ashover Light Railway Society  Ashover Light Railway Society

The Magnificent Seven (centre pic, with myself behind the camera) painting the dozens of shed panels green (to comply with Planning Rules) .

From left; Jonathan, Richard, Mike,Roger,Graham and Steve.

January 2015… workshop activity

Ashover Light Railway Society

Graham paints with bitumen the base channels for the side walls of the new shed at Rowsley

October 2014….site of new ALR workshop at Rowsley

Ashover Light Railway Society  Ashover Light Railway Society

This is the site at Peak Rail, Rowsley, where the new shed will be erected, probably next spring. It will be joined to the existing track by the new rail we acquired

October 2014….the new shed for Rowsley

Ashover Light Railway Society  Ashover Light Railway Society  Ashover Light Railway Society

this is the shed at Dinnington (sourced by Jonathan) which is being dismantled prior to being moved for temporary storage to the current Sheffield workshop. then it will be moved next spring to a prepared site at Rowsley

September 2014….preparing rail

9-2 sept 14 preparing track (1)

Jonathan and Graham prepare rail for eventual laying down as our new track.

August 2014….ALR stand at Rowsley


Showing the flag at Rowsley !

Heavy lifting !

8-2 july 14 The track crane

Peak Rail’s track crane is brought into play to lift the tons of rail to where we need it…….. Phew !  (Picture by Graham Ludlam)

July 2014….new track arrives

8-1 july 14 new track arrives (3)

New track arrives at Rowsley

June 2014….Graham drives the line


Graham has fun driving a Lister loco on the narrow gauge line at Rowsley

May 2014 AGM


The 2014 AGM was a momentous event in that it set out the proposed plans for moving to Peak Rail’s Rowsley site. The wording on the powerpoint page being read out by Chairman Richard is ;

An Alternative (treasonable !) thought

The Rainbow Railway
Develop a clear understanding now with DDNGR and Peak Rail that we join forces.
Get the workshop established to implement stages 1-4.
Work with Henry to extend his line to create a loop and triangle.
Continue with locomotive and truck restoration and aim to build a Gloucester and Wembey coach.
Seek Heritage Lottery Funding to restore the Baldwin, and to rebuild the Café on the picnic area.
Plan for the Café to become a restaurant and a narrow gauge railway museum.
Work to develop enthusiast and children’s events to make the railway capable of a positive financial return.



April 2014…. Spondon & trucks leave Sheffield for Rowsley

Ashover Light Railway Society   Ashover Light Railway Society  Ashover Light Railway Society  Ashover Light Railway Society

April 2014…. Spondon & trucks leave Sheffield for Peak Rail site at Rowsley


Rowsley site visit

Ashover Light Railway Society  Ashover Light Railway Society

A preliminary inspection and evaluation of the Peak rail site at Rowsley was made last weekend.

Film crew visit the workshop

film crew at workshop

A TV documentary film crew visit the workshop…….Graham (in his freshly ironed white overalls !) gets to sit (snugly in the Spondon) in front of the camera.

February 2014….workshop activity

workshop activity

Work continues on restoring the rolling stock at the Sheffield workshop

February 2014….a wagon goes back on its wheels

Ashover Light Railway narrow gauge derbyshire uk