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March Update – The Shed goes up!!!


Tuesday 15th March saw the day when we gained a team of 6 to get the initial stage of the shed erected. A slow start at first with two hoops installed by the end of the first day, despite the great assistance from a tele-handler. The following day another 6 turned up to continue the job and got another 2-and-a-half segments up. It was a better day on Thursday though which took the total up to 9. Following a good day on Friday another team of 6 turned up on Saturday morning at 8am. By 5pm we had managed to get 15 whole hoops installed.

My thanks go to everybody who helped over the past week including Richard, Graham, Steve, Jonathan, Andrew, David, Trevor, Scott, Ralph and Chris.

All being well we should have a good day this coming Friday when we hope to get the structure finished. It would be great to get as many people on site as possible. If you are interested in joining the team, please contact

October/November news-laying the shed base

31 shed base (2)  31 shed base (1)  31 shed base (3)  31 shed base (4)  31 shed base (5)  31 shed base (6)

October ;

Six of us (Jonathan, Mike, Andrew, Dave, David, and Steve) arrived to spread out 20 tons of ‘Type 1′ over the base of the new shed.

Mike is getting up to speed with the use of a theodolite, under the instruction of Jonathan, as the rest of us spread out the stuff a wheelbarrow at a time.

A week later we are spreading out sand on the Type 1 ready to receive the first mix of concrete.

31 shed base (7) 31 shed base (8) 31 shed base (9) 31 shed base (10)

Then, Mike takes up the tale in November;

We then put the concrete into the troughs along with quite a bit of re-enforcement (and don’t worry, the frog was rescued!!!).
We then had a weekend where we explored the utilities trench and got a few yards dug out, along with the access hole and we also got some of the pipework installed. Unfortunately Steve found a cast iron pipe while digging, so that has put a little obstacle in front of us as we have no idea what may be in it (if anything at all!!!).
It has also now been possible to assemble one full arch which gives a very good idea of the size of the job in hand!
The most progress took place last weekend though…
Jonathan brought a compactor for the type 1, which then had sand spread over to give a soft surface. We then completed the shuttering and made sure it was level and square, then added the damp proof membrane and put the re-enforcement on top of that, being careful not to rip it Steve. The final job we did on Saturday was to create the tamper to use when the concrete is being spread.
The next load of concrete should be arriving this week, which means we can prepare for the next lot on Saturday, all being well.
I’m certainly looking forward to having the building complete before the end of the year!!!

And he took these pictures ;

31 (7) utilities-mike  31 (8) -mike  31 (9) -mike  31 (10) -mike  31 (11) -mike

And this last one from Graham….then more on November 12th when the second major slab went down.


32 concrete (1)_1  32 concrete (2)_1  32 concrete (3)_1  32 concrete (4)_1  32 concrete (5)_1  32 concrete (12)_1

32 concrete (6)_1  32 concrete (7)_1  32 concrete (8)_1  32 concrete (9)_1  32 concrete (10)_1  32 concrete (11)_1

And so the epic saga of the ‘fish supper wager’ continues ……….



Joan (W A Camwell Copyright)2

One of the many pictures in The Ashover Light Railway Archive,  this picture shows what look to be holiday-time passengers aboard Baldwin locomotive Joan. If any reader has any more information about this scene, or if you also have pictures which you would like to donate to the Society please get in touch.

Taking water at Fallgate

Fallgate-taking water (Gary Hope Coll)



Joan (W A Camwell Copyright)2






Bridgett (Gary Hope Coll)