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Rowsley site update (with lots of tea)….by Mike Lawton

25 stone (1a)

Pic by Graham






Graham received the 3x 20 ton loads at Rowsley midweek, and two were dumped at the bottom of the field in preparation for the work today. Unfortunately I gather he ran his car battery down by listening to the radio and he had to call for assistance!!! Serves him right for leaving us with 40 tonnes of stone to shift with only shovels, wheelbarrows and tea!!! Unfortunately I hadn’t appreciated quite how heavy 40 tonnes is.
Steve, Jonathan, Richard, Andrew, Harvey, David W and I turned up with shovels, spades, ‘barrows and a rake ready to attack the mountains. Some of the earth was dug out to give a connection to the stone which was there already. The rest of the stone was then spread out and the sleepers, which were taken from the bridge, were placed to mark the edge of the path.
After a few cups of tea, and lots of very hard work, the two mounds had disappeared and a huge expanse of hardcore is now spread across the field. Andrew was then good enough to test it with his 4×4 and all seemed OK.
The plan is that another 20-40 tonnes will be delivered during the week to fill in the gap (which the container will eventually cover) and the ramp can then be started. Jonathan and Graham will be absent next week so it would be helpful if there are a few others around who are able to bring shovels, rakes, ‘barrows and lots of manpower. It will certainly be appreciated. See you there next weekend !

25 stone (2)    25 stone (4)  25 stone (11)  25 stone (5)  25 stone (8)  25 stone (10)

Words and all other pictures by Mike Lawton.

On site

24 PRs Athena goes by containers

Peak Rail’s Athena creeps past the site as we prepare for another days work tidying up the site and preparing the ground for the erection of the new workshop, sidings and facilities.

May update

23 site survey May 2015

Jonathan surveys the site before we start on the next round of work (as Steve practices his rail-balancing act on lots of rails, before he goes for the single rail performance).
Many tons of stone arrive next week to prepare the approach road so that we can get concrete lorries on site to make the base of the new workshop.